We're moving to a new location!

We are expecting to start classes there around April 6th., 2015
Our new address will be: 8715 Los Angeles Ave., Moorpark, CA 93021 (Genesis Ranch)






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September 2012

Happy Dog Agility Newsletter!

Welcome to another Happy Dog Agility Newsletter! If you have any thoughts on what you would like to see in the newsletters, please feel free to email me at sandyscotthomes@yahoo.com

The newsletters will be added to the website (www.happydogagility.com) for everyone to view. Click on the “links” page and a new tab “newsletter” will show up, then click on the link.

All classes are cancelled on Monday September 3, 2012 in observance of Labor Day!

Show N Go reminder….our next Show N Go is scheduled for Sunday September 9th. Check-in starts at 8am and first dog on the line at 9am. We will have 4 runs and the cost is $5 per run. The beginning area will be available to beginning level students for $15 per dog. An instructor will be in the field to help with any training. Another field will be set-up with 22” weave poles and open to anyone signed up to run in the main rings. Hope you can make it out to the Show N Go. Proceeds will go toward the new rubberized table that has been ordered.

Several of the Happy Dog Agility instructors will be attending Cynosports (USDAA Nationals) in Colorado this month. We wish them all the best in their runs and travels. Some of the classes will be cancelled while others will have substitute instructors. Please be aware of the following:

Mia Grant’s classes will be cancelled on Monday September 24th and Monday October 1st.

Becky Walton’s Tuesday classes will be in session and taught by Matt Palmeiri.

Becky Walton’s Wednesday class will be in session and taught by BettyAnn Endres.

Teri Thompson’s classes (Monday’s, Tuesday’s and Thursday’s) will be in session and taught by Sherri Hollenbeck.

Terra Reynolds Thursday class will be cancelled on September 27th.   



Meet one of the Happy Dog Agility Instructors

Becky Walton has been teaching at Happy Dog for over 3 years. She started agility in 1999 when she was introduced to it by an obedience instructor who recommended she train her then 10 month old Aussie Gus in agility. Gus was a “Happy Go Lucky” kind of dog, and they competed (or as Becky says, they provided comic relief) until his retirement at the age of 10. Becky is currently trialing with her 7 year old Border Collie Freddie, and they will compete at the USDAA Nationals in Colorado this year. She is also training Lucy, a Toy Fox Terrier/Italian Greyhound mix, and she very much looks forward to competing with her in the near future. Becky says, “In addition to being a small dog, which is very different than training a larger dog, Lucy is a hound/terrier mix, which presents a totally different set of challenges!! I'm having a blast watching the light bulb turn on, and we are becoming a team!" To Becky, having fun while training and working with her dogs is the most important aspect to agility. It is all about the relationship...doing well at a trial is just the “icing on the cake”! She sets goals for herself when competing, and doesn’t feel that she is competing with everyone else. The personal success with her dogs is what makes agility so rewarding. When teaching, she enjoys watching the relationships with students and their dogs develop. Her goal is that students go home feeling happy and satisfied that they have conquered something. She especially likes helping students see the lines their dogs will see, which in turn makes the dogs very happy!! In addition to training and teaching, Becky is also certified as a judge for USDAA. She enjoys judging and believes it makes her a better instructor. She also enjoys the opportunity to travel and meet competitors from other parts of the country. Although Becky also has a full-time-plus day job, she is always glad to be out on the field, and says when she is out there, she is in the zone, and doesn't think about anything else! Outside of agility, Becky enjoys spending time with Matt, her husband of 32 years. Thank you Becky for your dedication to Happy Dog and mostly for the dedication to your students!

Get to know our students:

Meet Jackie Elphic, our Professional Pooper Scooper. Jackie comes out to Happy Dog every weekend and empties the trash cans. She has been doing this for many years and has earned her title as the Professional Pooper Scooper. Jackie started agility in 1997 with Mr. B who was a 150lb rescue Saint Bernard. She discovered agility through an obedience club she was a member of.  Mr B loved his tunnels and she went for the fun in tunnel challenges with a 40’ “S” shaped tunnel.  In 2003 she rescued Strider who is a Corgi. Strider was afraid of people due to lack of socialization. He loved training in class but didn’t like the pressure of showing in trials. Strider is currently retired due to a back injury he sustained in 2008. Throughout much of Striders career, he learned to work away from Jackie due to the instrumental distance training taught by Kristy Netzer. At this time Jackie is training Tanner (Pembrook corgi) and Mulligan (cardigan corgi). Jackie has learned to be patient in training agility dogs and says “make it fun and just have fun with your dog”. It’s all about fun with the dogs and the relationships that are developed with good friends. She also enjoys socializing with friends after training her dogs….

New Puppy Agility class on Mondays at 5:30pm will be taught by BettyAnn and start as soon as we have at least 5 puppies registered for the class.   If you have a puppy (less than 1 year of age) and are interested in the class, please email me at sandyscotthomes@yahoo.com

Anne Graumann will be teaching at Happy Dog Agility on Thursdays, with 1 morning and 1 evening class. If you are interested in joining either class, let me know. I need a few more students to get the classes started.


Do you ever wonder who does what to keep things going well at Happy Dog? A special thank you goes out to the following people for what they do to contribute to Happy Dog:

Sherri Hollenbeck – helps with administrative items such as emails and new classes

Pam Price – mows and waters the fields

Jackie Elphic – empties the trash cans….she has been designated as the “professional pooper scooper”

Jodi Massey – trims the edges, sprays for weeds, and works on special projects

Matt Palmeiri – builds courses

Rob Edison – builds courses

John Stires – helps with repairs such as lighting and equipment, and builds courses when necessary

Kim Lohman – picks up trash around the field

Thanks to each of you for the important part you play in making Happy Dog a wonderful place to train at. You are appreciated for what you do!


Happy Dog Agility phone line has changed to 805-416-4505 Please make note of this new number.

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