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Happy Dog Agility Newsletter!

All Classes are cancelled from 12/24/12 to 1/1/13. Classes will resume on Wednesday 1/2/13. Hope you enjoy the holidays with family and friends

Holiday Show N Go with games, prizes and lunch has been re-scheduled for Sunday 12/16/12 due to the rain. Bring your dogs and have some fun with your agility friends. We will have a relay race, tunnelers challenge, 3 dog team game and a standard run available after the games. There will also be a photographer there to take photos of your dogs. The photos will cost $10 each and will be emailed to you within 48 hours of the event. Great opportunity to get new photos of your dogs.

Happy Dog has a big goal for next year and we need your help. We want to replace most of our jumps with newer vinyl jumps that are safer. In order to accomplish this goal, we need to raise money through Show N Go's and Seminars. I hope you will be able to attend many of the events we will have in 2013 so that we can accomplish this goal. When you hear of a Show N Go posted, please feel free to pass the information along to your agility friends.

Mia Grant will be teaching a 1 day seminar on Saturday December 15th at Happy Dog in Moorpark. The focus of the seminar is "Rewarding Effectively" and it is open to all levels (Starters through Masters). Cost is $125 for working spot and $50 for auditors. Seminar will run from 9:00am to 4:30pm. Lunch and snacks will be provided.

Rewarding Effectively
The goal of this seminar is to help handlers learn how to most effectively reward their dog to help with understanding and enthusiasm for the desired behavior. Handlers will be encouraged to really look at what they are rewarding and how they are rewarding it. By providing our dogs with consistent, well-placed and properly delivered rewards, we increase their understanding of what we want and maintain the enthusiasm we want from our agility teammates.

To sign up for the seminar, email me at sandyscotthomes@yahoo.com with your name, dogs name, level and phone number.

Happy Dog Agility will be having a USDAA trial on January 5th and 6th. There will be Starters, Advanced and Master level titling classes as well as Steeplechase and Grand Prix. Time to get your tournament qualifications before the Southwest Regional in February. Premium will be available soon.

There were many new handlers at the Happy Dog trial competing and doing very well. Congratulations to the following teams for their accomplishments at the Happy Dog trial!

Kim Conley and Bodie
Performance 1 Gamblers (Q) 1st Place
Performance 1 Jumpers (Q) 1st Place

Sue Johnson and Tucker
Starters Standard (Q) 1st Place
Starters Standard (Q) 2nd Place
Starters Jumpers (Q) 1st Place

Melanie Stoner and Mozzie
Performance 1 Snooker (Q) 1st Place
Performance 1 Standard (Q) 1st Place
Performance 1 Snooker (Q) 1st Place
Performance 1 Jumpers (Q) 2nd Place

Melanie Soner and Sophie
Starters Jumpers (Q) 1st Place
Starters Snooker (Q) 2nd Place
Starters Jumpers (Q)

Kim Baker and Rusty
Performance 1 Snooker (Q) 1st Place
Performance 1 Jumpers (Q) 1st Place
Performance 1 Pairs (Q) 1st Place

Congratulations to Teri’s student Dave Rodrigues and his Border Collie Rosie who earned a Jumpers Q in AKC at their first trial.

A big Congratulations goes out to Katie and her handler John Stires and owner John Miller. Katie earned her ADCH at the Happy Dog Trial after having a very smooth and awesome Gamblers Q. At the age of 7 ½ Katie will now be competing in the Performance 16 class. Congratulations!

Anytime you have brags you want included in the newsletter, please email me and let me know.

Kristy Cetrulo retired her dog Cinder at the age of 13 after their Snooker run at the Happy Dog trial. Cinder is now enjoying the retired life. Congratulations for all your accomplishments over the years.

Good Luck to those going to Orlando Florida for the 2012 AKC Agility Invitational!

For those of you that are fairly new to agility, there is a great resource for agility related items, videos, magazines, etc. Check out www.cleanrun.com

We are looking for a group of teens that can work trials. If you know of any hardworking, reliable teens please email me or call me at 805-501-7971.

When you are responding to messages on the yahoo group that are intended for one person, please respond directly to that person. If the information pertains to others, feel free to respond to the group.

Meet one of the Happy Dog Agility instructors!

John Stires
 discovered agility in 2002 when his daughter Brittany showed an interest in agility. She saw a show on TV and said she wanted to do agility. At the time John had no interest in agility. In 1988 John went to a military patrol dog training center in Texas. At that time he was working with 6 to 7 dogs…training obedience and then progressing into other aspect of their training. After many years of training dogs for detection, bite work and patrol dogs starting in 1984 with the Dept of Defense, John had no interest in working a dog in agility. John told his daughter if she wanted to do it she would have to do it on her own...find a location and get signed up for classes.Brittany’s first dog was Trinket a rescue dog she started training at a park. She encouraged John to bring their other rescue dog Tank to classes while she was attending them. In 2003 Brittany started training at Happy Dog with Kristy Netzer. At that time John brought Tank out a few times but he didn’t have much interest and didn’t continue it.Brittany got Whisper an aussie and trained it….people would ask John why he didn’t run a dog….He later looked for a breeder and found Woodstock Aussies. With the arrival of his aussie puppy Matilda (who was born 12/18/05), John started agility. When Matilda was only 10 weeks old, he started bringing her out for socialization and enrolled her in the next puppy class with Kristy at Happy Dog. Matilda inspired John by having drive and wanting to perform agility. Seeing her capabilities made agility fun and kept John interested in it. He wanted to take Matilda to the top level in USDAA because he likes the games in that venue (especially Snooker). His goal was to compete in the USDAA Nationals, which he has done several years in a row. Matilda is one in a million dog that is very special….easy to train, easy to live with.

John enjoys training more than trialing. Banjo came along in 2008 because he wanted another dog available to train and trial with so that he could take some pressure off Matilda. In Oct 2011 his border collie Chaos (formerly handled by his daughter) was brought to California to live with John and compete in agility. John has also been training and trialing Katie (an aussie owned by John Miller). John started teaching for HD in 2007 by substituting for Kristy. He started training his own class in2008. John limits his teaching so that he has plenty of time to focus on and train his own dogs. For John, the joy in teaching is to take dog handler teams with challenges and help them progress. Help correct problems and develop a better team. His advice to others is, “Anybody that wants to get into dog sport needs to understand the dog comes first and they need to set forth the time that is required to grasp what is taught. People need to take time out to work with dogs in between classes to have a better dog and relationship with them. Nothing happens over night.” When thinking of getting into agility with a dog, choose a dog that will be best in your family.

John is now running Matilda, Banjo, Chaos and Katie. The goal is to qualify all of them for the 2013 USDAA nationals in Tennesse. When not involved in agility, or working for the police department, John enjoys spending time with his wife Ann who he has been married to for 31 years.

Meet one of our long time students Phyllis!

 was at an obedience trial with her rescue aussie Duke when she discovered agility. There was a demo being held and she was able to try a few things with her dog. That’s all it took to peak her interest in agility. Her agility fun began in 1995 when agility was very new and there were little opportunities to train. She later went to a big demo at the fairgrounds in Ventura with her other rescue Fancy (Brittany) and planned to train her in agility, but sadly she died at the age of 5. Phyllis also rescued Holly (Brittany) and showed her in agility for a short time. At one point Phyllis had 3 rescue dogs she worked with either with obedience and/or agility. Her first agility dog Duke (who was a rescue at 6 months of age) accomplished his Novice title. Duke was a great dog that never did anything wrong.…probably the best dog she has ever had. Kristy (with much encouragement of friends) started training at a school in Newbury Park a few years later and that is how Phyllis got associated with Happy Dog. Phyllis rescued an American Eskimo by the name of Tipper…who was a handful. As challenging as it was working with this dog, Phyllis managed to get her excellent title in AKC. At this time, Phyllis enjoys working with her best companion Pixie. Pixie is her mini aussie with a MACH and ADCH. Phyllis believes strongly in rescuing dogs, however Pixie was not a rescue. She was an unexpected gift from Kristy and Cathy. They dropped off the puppy at Phyllis’ house for her and Phyllis said, you have to take her back….I can’t keep her…I’m too told to get a puppy. Kristy told Phyllis we will take her back next week….can you just keep her for now. Well, as you can imagine when next week came along, Pixie was not going anywhere. Pixie was her first non-rescue dog and Phyllis believes strongly in rescuing animals so they can have a good home. Pixie has a lot of personality and still to this day, at the age of 10 ½, acts like a puppy. She is a great companion for Phyllis and they make it a point to do something together everyday. Pixie has such a strong love and drive for agility, running her is always so much fun. At the age of 86 years old, Phyllis is grateful she can do as much as she can. People always comment that they want to be able to run agility at her age and she says you must stay healthy. Much of her success she contributes to Kristy’s puppy foundation work and teaching Pixie to be a great gamble dog. Training Pixie from the time she was a puppy has made a difference in her abilities. Pixie not only has many agility titles, but she also has her CD title. Phyllis’ advice to others “work obedience with your dog for a good foundation and stay healthy”.

Hope you have enjoyed the newsletter.

Thank you,


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