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FAQ/Helpful Links

How do I get started in Agility?

Agility requires a lot of training of the dog and the handler. When starting agility, a dog should know basic commands and have a good connection or relationship with the owner/handler. Beginning agility classes are the first step to teaching the dog how to jump, go through tunnels and eventually learn the more complex equipment such as contacts and weave poles. Check out our beginning class schedule on the classes page.

How do I sign up for a trial?

There are many different organizations that one could trial with. Some of them are USDAA, AKC, UKI, ASCA, NADAC and CPE. At Happy Dog, we host  UKI and USDAA trials. Dogs need to be registered through the organization that you want to trial with. Go onto the UKI or  USDAA website, create an account and register your dog online. You will need to pay a one time registration fee for the dog. Once you have a registration number for your dog, then you are able to signup for a trial by completing and mailing in the registration form along with payment for classes to the trial secretary.

If I have a new puppy and I want to get started in training for dog agility, what do I do first?

Safely socializing your puppy is the first step. Teaching basic obedience commands and developing a strong connection with your puppy will be very important when wanting to train the puppy for agility. The relationship that the human and puppy has is so important in the success the two of you will be when coming together as a team.

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