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Our Team

Happy Dog Agility team is a family of friends that come together to enjoy the sport of agility and working with their canine partner. We train dogs with positive reinforcement that helps to build the relationship between human and dog. As an agility training and trial group, we go above and beyond to make everyone feel welcome!


Sandy Scott

Owner/Trainer/Trial Secretary

Sandy Scott started agility with her first sheltie Maverick. Maverick was quick and very driven to love the sport of agility. Due to a spinal stroke and paralyzation in 2008, Mavericks agility career had some setbacks. Being determined to return to agility, Sandy and Maverick spent over a year doing rehabilitation so Maverick could return to agility. He earned his PDCH (Performance Dog Championship) in 2013. Maverick was the Grand Prix champion at the 2014 Southwestern Regional. He was a Speed Jumping Finalist at Cynosports in 2014. Being her first agility dog, Maverick taught Sandy a lot about training and connecting with her dog. Mavericks love and desire for agility got Sandy hooked on the sport. In honor of Maverick who passed away in March 2015, he is the Happy Dog Agility logo. Sandy's second agility dog is Daisy who competed up to the age of 12 years old. Daisy was a finalist in the 2012 Grand Prix Finalist competition at Cynosports and 2016 Performance Speed Jumping Champion. Over the years, Daisy has earned her ADCH, Bronze, Silver, and Gold Lifetime Achievement Awards. Sandy competes with her 7 year old sheltie Skylar who has accomplished a lot in a short period of time. Skylar won 3rd place at Cynosports in 2016. She has won Steeplechase championship class 5 times, Master Challenge championship class 3 times and Grand Prix championship at regional events. Skylar has earned her ADCH, Bronze and Silver Lifetime Achievement Awards. Sandy also competes with her 3 year old sheltie Radar who has earned is PDCH in 2019 and is the Performance Speed Jumping Champion at the 2019 USDAA Bay Team Regional. Sandy's youngest sheltie Keeper is showing great progress in his agility career.
Sandy really enjoys seeing her students accomplish things they didn't think they could do and loves watching the students and dogs become great teammates.


Elina Heine

Agility Trainer

Elina has been training and competing in agility for over 15 years. She started working with her first dog which was a Doberman and now runs with her Aussie Ziva. Having a great time working with her dog is the biggest priority for Elina. It’s all about the fun and journey.

Screen Shot 2019-10-11 at 1.54.37 PM.png

Anne Graumann

Agility Trainer

Anne Graumann got started in agility with a mixed-breed dog and she competed with her in USDAA up to Masters level.Her second dog was an Aussie that achieved ATCH2, MACH, PDCH-Silver, LAA-Bronze. He made USDAA Top 10 Jumpers and Snooker in 2008, and Top 10 All-Around in 2009. He was a USDAA Nationals 2008 European Style Standard winner, Performance Speed Jumping and Performance Grand Prix Finalist. He has multiple Regional Finals appearances and placements in PSJ and PGP between 2008 and 2010. He also qualified for USDAA Nationals in 2007, 2009, 2010. He qualified for AKC Nationals in 2010, and ASCA Nationals Veterans Finals in 2012 and 2013. Anne currently competes with her two Aussies. One is trialing at Masters level in AKC, and Elite level in ASCA. The younger of the two is just getting ready to trial.

 Anne’s primary goal as a trainer is to help students learn how to set the most efficient lines for their dogs and to have sound technical skills. She believes that the best teamwork is developed through positive motivation.


McKenzie Minto

Agility Trainer

McKenzie Minto is a college student with over a decade of experience in the sport of dog agility. McKenzie and her border collie Safari have competed on both the national and international stage numerous times. She is a four-time member of AKC’s European Open Junior Team USA, and even stood on a podium for two silver placements in the team events at the 2019 EOJ in Switzerland. McKenzie and Safari have won many regional championships as well as earned high placements at national events such as the US Open and Cynosport.


Linda Smith

Hospitality & Scheduling

Linda is the hospitality coordinator for Happy Dog Agility. She loves to make sure the workers and competitors enjoy the food and goodies provided. She takes pride in making all competitors feel welcome and appreciated. She is also a liaison for visitors. Linda has a saying “ if you don’t get a Q you can still have fun eating and enjoying the goodies”.

Linda has been involved in agility since 1998 starting with Millie, an English Shepherd. Her second dog Woody, a border collie received gold and platinum titles. He was a finalist in the 2009 Cynosports games. Her third dog, Riddle, a border collie, received platinum and diamond awards.  She is now competing with Danny 7 and Trixie 4. Both are border collies. Trixie is a rescue. They are still works in progress but a lot of fun.

Linda is competitive but first and foremost having fun with her dogs is top priority. She loves going to agility trials to hang out with her people friends and K9 friends. The agility community is a small one and it is nice to know most of the people attending the trials.


Pam Price

Ribbons & Awards Coordinator

I was introduced to agility in 2000 with a rescue sheltie, Dusty, who was so timid he would hide behind me or under my chair, afraid of everything. Agility gave him so much confidence, and I was hooked!

I then got another sheltie, Spensor, and competed with him up through Masters level. Next came Denzel who also competed up through the Masters level.

Now I am competing with my sheltie, Renata, who is working towards her ADCH and MACH, and my sheltie Aidan, who is a "work in progress" and the most challenging dog I have ever worked with. He is only 18 months so hopefully there is a "light at the end of the tunnel!"

Happy Dog is the best club I have ever trained with. Everyone is so helpful and fun to be around.


Suzanne Knox

Obedience & Agility Trainer

Suzanne has five years of positive reinforcement obedience training. Her specialty is off leash training, rock solid recalls, go to your place, impulse control and basic manners.
She has two years experience in agility training and she enjoys helping people start their new puppies with foundation training to accomplish their goals in both obedience or agility.

The joys of her life are her two wonderful dogs Ellie Mae and Ricky Bobby.

Ellie Mae, Australian Sheppard, received her PDCH title in 2019. Cynosport performance speed jumping finalist at finalist in 2018.
Cynosport snooker champion 14 inches in 2018.
Second place performance speed jumping in USDAA Western regional in 2018.
1st Pl., Western regional performance speed jumping in 2019
2nd place performance speed jumping Western regional in 2020.

Ricky Bobby, Border Collie,
USDAA Western regional grand Prix semifinalist in 2020.
USDAA western regional steeplechase semifinalist in 2020
Ricky Bobby earned a second place podium spot @ the PPPIDC western regional in Huntington Beach in 2021.
Ricky Bobby took second place Podium spot on the discovery plus channel summer dog games.

Ricky Bobby and Ellie Mae will be performing with the canine stars stunt dog traveling team in 2022

Energetic and outgoing, Suzanne enjoys seeing people having fun with the dogs and she loves to help.

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