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Caring for your dogs on hot summer days!

With the weather heating up be extra careful to protect your dogs from having heat stroke. On warm days I make sure my dogs have plenty of shade when outside and I have cool coats for each of them. By wetting a cool coat and putting on your dog you can help to keep their body temperature cooler and avoid a heat stroke. Some dogs enjoy a small travel pool. Wetting their paws and belly really helps. If training in agility on a hot day, consider working shorter sequences and only for a few minutes at a time. All of my dogs love “chicken water”. When I boil check breast for training treats, I will save the chicken water, put it in water bottles then freeze it and bring it with me to agility training. Keeping dogs hydrated in the heat is very important. And what better treat for them to enjoy as some cold chicken water. Another cool treat some dogs enjoy is a little bit of seedless watermelon. Whatever you do, please do not leave your dog in a car on a hot day.

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