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Happy Dog Agility 2024 Trials

Mark your calendar for the following trials:

February 17-18 UKI

March 16-17 USDAA

April 6-7 UKI

May 11-12 USDAA

June 8-9 UKI

July 6-7 USDAA

August 3-4 UKI

August 24-25 USDAA

October 5-6 UKI

More events may be added later in the year.

Are you looking to get qualified for Cynosports (USDAA national event) being held in Tucson AZ? The event will be held November 6-10, 2024 at Kino Sports Complex, which is a fabulous sports complex with great footing. In order to qualify for the event, your dog must earn 3 tournament Q’s or 2 tournament Q’s and a “wildcard”. A “wildcard” is the accumulation of 5 titling Q’s. Enter the trials indicated above and increase your chances of being qualified for Cynosports.  Qualifying time period is September 6, 2023 thru September 4, 2024.

If you plan to attend the West Coast Open (UKI nationals west coast event) being held in Paso Robles CA, you don’t need to qualify for the event. Your dog needs to be registered with UKI. The event will be held September 19-22, 2024 at Paso Robles Equestrian Park. This is a fantastic facility with great footing. Do you want to earn your way into the UKI Agility Stakes Final? The final does require qualifications. You can qualify by earning 4 Agility Q’s, 4 Jumping Q’s, 2 Speedstakes Q’s and 2 Game Q’s. There will be double opportunities at some of the Happy Dog Agility UKI trials to earn your Agility and Jumping Q’s. Mark your calendar and plan to attend the events.  Qualifying time period is August 1, 2023 – July 31, 2024.

No matter what events you decide to enter, whether it be UKI, USDAA or AKC, have a great time with your dog and enjoy every day.

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